Yosyo massage gun -

Yosyo Gun Massage Equipment

Yosyo gun massage equipment has a great battery life up to 5 hours it's quite and it has adjustable speeds. It is more affordable and practical for the average fitness enthusiast.

Portable yosyo gun massage cordless and provide with 4 function massage head such as round massage head, U-shaped massage head, acupuncture massage head and convex round massage head.
You can benefit this yosyo gun massage as it can help you massage and reduce muscle stiffness, soreness, and rejuvenate the body quickly, beat the lactic acid and exercise freely.
Anti drop shell. The shell was made from Nylon 66 and glass fiber, it keeps well when dropping from 6.6 fit (2m) high.
LCD Digital Touch Screen. 20 speed level adjustment give different power feeling.

Yosyo Gun Massage

Learn more on : https://tinyurl.com/ya23lrje
Normally, Yosyo gun massage have been use by many athletic as a treatment and warming up before start the game. Now we can get use this as a massage without any cream on our body to reduce our muscle stiffness, soreness anytime, anywhere at home.
It has 2000-3200 PPM (Processor Per Minute). We can charge the yosyo gun massage at the bottom approximately 2 hours.