Type of sneaker

Sneaker are typically wear by althetic in sport and physical activities such as trainer shoe, tennis shoe, gym shoe, sport shoe, running shoe and others. But now people use sneaker shoe as casual wear because of comfort and flexibility of the shoe.

There few type of sneaker.

Plimsoll sneaker

Plimsoll sneaker refer to running shoe and these shoe often wear by school children. It is a very common canvas shoe, have color horizontal band joining the upper to the sole resembled the plimsoll line to the ship hull, just like the Plimsoll line on the ship.

Loafers or Slip on sneaker

Loafers also known as slip on sneaker without heel at the bottom. This shoe usually flat, there are numerous of slip on sneaker plain color, different style, floral print and more.

Classic Canvas Sneaker

Classic canvas sneaker high top design is retrofitted with leather accents and is designed for maximum comfort. Now popular shoe in japan high ankle sneakers. They help accentuate your ensemble with a fashionable touch, but they also very comfortable and durable.

Athletic Kick Sneaker

Athletic kick sneaker designed for sporting activities. Look good sport centric sneakers erfect blend of functionality and style. Do any any activities faster than walking.

Leather sneaker

Leather sneaker are popular now, using this this sneaker you will never lose their appeal. These seaker suit business casual and more formal attire. Wear this shoe with short sock. Wear it for long time will make them softer and make them flexible.

Textile sneaker

Textile sneaker made from many type of material. You get the leather and textile blend, plastic and leather blend and more. These shoe are great for general wear.

Synthetic sneakers

These are the wost sneaker ever made, they are sell everywhere. It is inexpensive sneaker but they made you feet smell so bad, you had to throw away 2 week.They dont breath, they take take on the smell, make your feet hot and uncomfortable. This shoe is the made from the lowest quality materials.

Designer sneaker

Designer sneaker can be worn with formal wear. These shoe are comfortable as normal kicks, but from outside they look like something special. These designer sneaker are crossing the boundaries, are being wear from the hip hop style to boho outfit.

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 Now you know which sneaker is the best choice for your selection and try don't buy the synthetic shoe made from low quality material.