Why people preferred flat shoe rather than high heel shoe?

Flat Shoe or High HeelFlat shoe are the savior for every women.

Every women like to wear high heel shoe because it make them look stylish and elegant. When we wear high heel shoe for long period it will cause pain, uncomfortable and cannot walk for long time.

We love wearing high heel but we would prefer wearing flat shoe as it is comfortable and wearing flat shoe long time does not cause pain. There are available with plenty of beautiful design that can wear with difference kind of outfit.

What is the right criteria people choose flat shoe over high heel shoe?

The first criteria would be concise and light bottom.According to better health channel choosing the right shoe that will keep your feet healthy and safe from injury.

The shoe must have cushion and light bottom.The mid sole is the main part of the shoe that provides cushioning. Surprisingly, shoes don't reduce the force that goes through the body all that much. But they do increase the time taken for that force to apply, so the body has time to adapt.

Your shoe should aid the alignment of your foot when it touches the ground.

Your shoe should feel immediately comfortable from the first wear.

Please make sure you have at least 1‒1.5cm at the end of the shoe. It should be wide enough and long enough to fit your feet. The shoe should feel snug but not tight.