Get this Magnetic Finger Sleeve help you find your nails.

Get this Magnetic Finger Sleeve help you find your nails.

Sometime we face difficulty searching the nails, bolt or nut working for repair or home improvement. When it come to the narrow area, it's hard to get the item with both hand.

If there are some tools that are small in size and able to get the nails right to our hand directly it will save our time and no need hard work to do.

Now we have magnetic finger sleeve created to get the small size iron made item reach to our finger just in time when we need it.

The Iron made item can be nut, bolts, nails, screw, automotive components, electronic components and more.

It has small magnet in the finger sleeve quickly absorb the bolt or nut easily. Save time, energy and help us quickly complete our task more faster and easier.

The magnetic finger sleeve can be used at home as home improvement tools when needed, for adult to put in the battery into their hearing aid and for many others industries.

Automotive industries need this to get all small little automotive component into the right place.

Manufacturing industries will use this sleeve as to put the small electronic component into electronic devices.

Senior might use it to put small little size battery into their hearing aids.

We need it o get the screw when repair woods, plumbing works, home décor, home improvement, garage and others.

Construction industries will use this tools when needed while building the apartment, building, road, bridge and more because they need to use many small iron thing such as bolts, nut, nails, screws and others. Using this magnetic finger sleeve help them get the item easier and work more faster, clean the area faster, complete task on time.

When you look for screws in the pocket or difficult to reach place, the magnet inside magnetic finger sleeve will pull the screws and stick on the finger in time.

The magnetic finger sleeve small, compact, and easy to wear very comfortable.

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