TWS Earbuds Review

TWS Earbuds Review

What are TWS Earbuds?

TWS Earbuds is a pair of two audio devices via Bluetooth, you can transmit the left channel and the right channel separately.


Are Earbuds really good to use?

Yes, it quite useful the sound very clear, you will get good volume range balance between bass and treble, small in size, wireless and portable.


How long we can use TWS Earbuds?

5 hour lead time, not sweat proof or waterproof.



How do use the TWS Earbuds?

  • Short press the button on both earbuds at same time.
  • Find TWS earbuds on your phone or tablet wireless.
  • Click it and you will hear an audible cue saying "Your device is connected".
  • If ask for passcode enter 0000 and the earphone will connected.

What is TWS Earbuds benefit?

  1. Connected device to your phone
  2. Press button on earbud and it connected
  3. Long press it will skip to next track song
  4. If double press call back most recent call
  5. If get the call one press earbud and pick up call
  6. Long press on earbud did not pick up the call
  7. Red color light on earbud, it on charging
  8. Blue color full charge