Effective Way to Relieve Stress

Manage Stress

This month of April is a stressful month for all of us feel frustration to deals with COVID-19 pandemic. During this very challenging season in the world, it is very normal to experience stress and anxiety so much change and uncertainty in term of our economy, political, illness, job and others. Stress is inevitable to everyone, but we can manage our stress when we understand the cause of stress. It is not just about knowing the best method to overcome stress, we also need to discipline our self practice this self care technique to feel better.

So let us have a look on this few method and integrate this method into your daily activity. This way will improve your lifestyle and everyone will appreciate your effort.

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Manage Your Stress

Do workout - Daily workout make you feel happier and good for your muscle and bone while increase your energy. Try yoga and Pilate in the morning take a stretch class or learn something new will make you feel better.

Recover - Taking care of your body, this method normally implement by many athlete after play game they will use massage gun do massage on their shoulder, leg. Try using massage mat, massage gun to do massage after workout promote healing treatment.

Eat healthy food - This is just simple step eating nutritious food will improve your daily performance and energy. Drink at least 2 liter water per day in order to stay hydrate.

Reading reliable source information - Get latest information form medical expert or government latest news from internet or television to know more information about our surrounding especially about COVID-19.

Enlist support - reach out your family, friends or contact doctor when you feel sick, uncomfortable at home.

Practice proper hygiene - such as wearing mask, social distancing, sanitize touching surface area, open window when at home, wash hand with soap, proper sneezing and coughing practice.

Everyone must follow rules and regulation in order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Take part as responsible person as one can safe our family, friends and the world.