How to clean your athletic shoe?

How to clean your athletic shoe?

Sneaker is a shoe that can be wear by men and women. Many design and pattern has been sold worldwide, and those shoe can be expensive when it look popular and feel great to wear. A good shoe can be expensive to buy so we should take good care of them.

Be prepared to wash the shoe by handwash and not machine wash. Avoid throwing the shoe into washing machine, as this might damage the shoe and the shoe would not last longer.

Shoe are easier to clean with unuse tooth brush, sponge, some detergent and water. You can start cleaning the dirty shoe every week near the sink.

Before clean the shoe, take out the shoelace and insole shoe. Wash this separate after wash the shoe by hand wash.

Fill in water in the sink and add some detergent into the water. Use tooth brush to and add in some detergent scrub away the dirt on your outer shoe avoid touching the inside shoe sponge. 

Then using washcloth soaked in the warm water remove the excess soap. If necessary, use a soft bristle toothbush to clean white outsoles.

Dry the shoe at room temperature.

Then clean the laces and insoles with laundy detergent and cold water. Let it dry at normal temperature.